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Sophos Protection

CTResources is a proud partner with Sophos, a leader in next-generation cybersecurity. Powered by threat intelligence, AI and machine learning, Sophos delivers a broad portfolio of advanced products and services organizations against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks. We provide sales and technical support for their products to organizations across the country.

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Managed Firewall Services

The Firewall and Network Security Services provided by CTResources is a full-service solution that maintains edge network protection for any small to mid-size organization. With the deployment of an on-premises Next-Generation Firewall, the organization’s network will be protected from outside threats that can compromise critical assets and disrupt business continuity.

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Managed Endpoint and Server Protection

The Managed Endpoint and Server Protection Services provided by CTResources is a full-service solution that provides computer and server threat protection for any size organization. Organization’s computers and servers are the most vulnerable entry point for malicious viruses and other cyber security threats.

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Managed Wireless Services

The Managed Wireless Service enables secure wireless access through the entire building by connecting one or more wireless access points to the Firewall’s wireless network controller or directly to the cloud. Organizations of any size can find a solution that fits with their needs. From using the built-in Wi-Fi antenna on the Firewall to deploying dozens of Enterprise-class wireless access points across the entire building, there is a solution that can fit any size.

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Remote Server Access

CTResources provides scalable remote server and desktop access for organization’s offsite servers or mobile desktop needs. Using a secure VPN connection, organizations can connect to their remote server or desktop from anywhere in the world using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Servers can be customized to the organization’s needs by building it out with the required CPU, memory, and storage space.

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Cloud Backup Services

The Cloud Backup Service provided by CTResources is a Cloud-based solution that backs up servers and computers for any size organization. Through the use of a deployed software agent on the machine, system data is regularly backed up, encrypted, and stored offsite in the Cloud for safe and reliable access in the event of a disaster.

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IT Consulting

CTResources can help organizations through IT consulting by providing expert advice and guidance on technology-related matters. Our experienced consultants can work with your organization to understand your business goals and objectives, assess your current technology infrastructure and capabilities, and identify areas for improvement and optimization.

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