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Cloud Backup Services

The Remote Backup Service provided by CTResources is a local and Cloud-based solution that backs up physical and virtual servers and computers for any size organization. Through the use of a deployed software agent on the machine, or dedicated hardware appliances, system data is regularly backed up, encrypted, and stored onsite and offsite in the Cloud for safe and reliable access in the event of a disaster.

Included with this monthly service is the setup and installation of the backup agent or appliance, regular remote management and monitoring, and scheduled Disaster Recovery testing if desired. CTResources works with each organization to determine the best backup method for their recovery needs and budget, including what files are included/excluded for backup, frequency of backups, and data retention periods. Cloud data recovery services are included with this service at no additional cost.

The Remote Backup Services include the following:
  • Server and Computer Backup Software Installation and Setup
  • Backup for Physical and Virtual Systems
  • On-site Hardware Appliances for Servers
  • Remote Configuration Management and Monitoring
  • Flexible Backup Inclusion, Exclusions, and Retention Policies
  • Immutable storage makes backups untouchable, eliminating
    downtime and data loss
  • Built-in ransomware detection, and dark web monitoring
  • Military-grade Encrypted Cloud Backups
  • Hardened Linux (not Windows) to greatly.
    reduce the attack surface
  • Data Recovery Services for Data Backed Up to the Cloud or Locally
  • Automated testing and documentation.
  • Monthly Billing

Managed Cloud Backups