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Computer and Server Remote Support/ Management

The Remote Computer and Server Support and Maintenance Services, delivers remote endpoint and server support for organizational computers crucial to daily operations. Focused on keeping company systems up-to-date and healthy, the service includes remote technical support for general computer and server issues and regular monitoring for updates and maintenance. This full-service solution aims to enhance efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security by providing support without the need for an on-site presence. CTResources prioritizes proactive measures, ensuring optimal functionality and minimizing downtime.

The Computer/Server Remote Support and Management Services include the following:

  • Remote Computer and Server Maintenance and Management
  • Remote Installation and Deployment
  • Proactive Remote Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Software Installation Support
  • Update Management
  • Software Compatibility Checks
  • Deployment Support
  • Remote Computer and Server Support Services
  • Supported on Windows 10, 11, Server 2016 +, and MacOS Devices
  • Monthly Billing

Computer Remote Support and Management

Server Remote Support and Management